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I am David Black and I suggest you familiarize yourself with my courses.
The first lesson of each course is completely free!

Become a photographer in 5 months
Learn how to work with professional photography equipment and a smartphone camera. Get the skills of lighting, composition, retouching. Produce commercial shoots, do creative projects. Create a portfolio and receive your first orders during the training process.

A food photographer directly affects the sales of a restaurant, culinary company, food blogger and their status. It also forms the visual concept of the food brand.

A subject photographer directly affects the sales of any commodity business, attracting customers to websites, stores, showrooms, and applications.

A portrait photographer is necessary for a business with people at its center. These are the service sector, medicine and insurance, education, security, transport and agricultural business, energy and metallurgy, and of course — beauty and fashion business. The photographer directly influences the creation of a reputation of trust, an HR image and works with the emotional brand of the business.

Photo processing using software and modern technologies.
You can restore an old photo and give it color.

You can get acquainted with my courses and get to know me personally by writing to me.

On the day of the start of my courses, I conduct a raffle that is similar to an AirDrop.
5 completely free training sessions from 0 to the pros!
In order to participate in the contest, you can simply leave us your Email or write to me directly. Your name and message are Zksync AirDrop. The drawing will be held on February 14th.

I also not only teach, but also do custom photo shoots. Below I present you an example of my work.

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